Emmeline Hailey


Emmeline (who also responds to ‘Emme’, ‘Emmy’, and ‘Emily’) Hailey was the youngest colonist at the founding of Carson Colony, a mere 2 years old, brought by her parents who wanted to be the first textile company to supply the masses with the finest of garments.

But that was twenty-five years ago, and Emme’s parents still own the only textile company in Carson Colony. There are rumors that cutthroat practices and shady dealings have kept competitors away, but in reality other companies just couldn’t be bothered. Why bother trying to eek out a few bucks from a couple million colonists when there’s still billions on Earth and other major population centers that still need clothing? Regardless, Hailey’s family is currently the only textile manufacturing and selling company on the planet, owning almost everything from farms/hydroponics growing the raw materials to the outlet stores they sell their finished products. If Carson Colony becomes as big as one of the other major planets, they stand a good chance of holding a very lucrative monopoly.

As for Emme herself, she grew tired of being told what to do, what to wear, who to marry, etc. etc. At the age of 20, she ran off and joined the Carson Militia (originally a militia to protect against the few dangerous local critters running around, but now more of a full-on military with the discovery of that other colony, and they never bothered to rename themselves). After a few years knocking about with them, Emme decided it was time to renew contact with her parents.

While glad to hear that their only daughter was still alive and well, Emme decided to keep some distant between them and her as they almost immediately started suggesting more suitors for her to marry. Having left the Militia after her term of service, she’s now acting as a mercenary, currently under the employ of Ebenezer MacDonnell to protect the RTS Wagon Train.

Born with an almost insatiable appetite, as well as an extremely quick metabolism that seems to defy all science and logic, Emme is able to control it. Most of the time. She can, however, be found snacking on something whenever there’s a spare moment to do so (and sometimes when there’s not). Her childhood in the lap of luxury has given Emme an innate knowledge of fashion, and left her a little spoiled which comes out occasionally despite her military training.

Emmeline Hailey

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