Frank Boomsocks


Background: Blacksmith

Origin: Custom

Level: 1

Age: 35

Class: Bombardier

Role: Blaster

Wealth: 1

Brute Strength
Improvised Explosives
Manufactured Explosives
Sack of Odds and Ends

Obsessed with Explosives
Too Noisy

Can always lift an object or obstacle, if anyone can.
Can always make a stiff or stuck up person look bad.

Kits and Advances:
Coconut Radio

Body Armor; Once per combat, can spend one Action Point to stand up with 1 HP after being Taken Out.

Specialty Smithing Tool; When crafting an item out of metal, may reroll once for 1 AP. A reroll of 1 results in the tool breaking.

Spare Parts; taken from a captured Sparrow. Can be used for an Advantage where appropriate.

AMR power packs

Single-handed grenade launcher

- Misfire!
When you roll a 1 on any attack, do not take a Strike. Instead take 2 damage and the zone your bomb creates is a 3×3 square centered on you.

- Shaped Blasts (Square)
You may make your blast a 3×3 square.

- Shaped Blasts (Cross)
You may make your blast a cross or X extending 2 squares in four directions from the central square.

- Multitarget Blast Boost
When you attack, choose one of these benefits:
—When you roll a 3-4 on a ranged or melee attack, deal 2 damage to one additional target within range. When you roll a 5-6 on a ranged or melee attack, deal either the power’s effect or 2 damage to one additional target within range. You may use your existing squares of movement during the resolution of a Melee attack to acquire new targets. The movement grants Opportunities as usual.
—Make a power with range X into a Burst 1 centered within X targeting all creatures in the zone. This still grants Opportunities as though it was Range X. Or, make a melee attack into a Burst 1 targeting all creatures in the zone. You may move the center of the zone one square for each square of reach you have.

You never hit yourself with Burst attacks.

When a creature is included in the same effect multiple times from the same power, it only suffers once.

When making a Burst attack, only the first attack roll may generate a Strike or lead to a Miss Trigger. You must roll your attack against the most powerful enemy first.

- Blaster Bombardier
Even by using your Blaster role boosts, you may not apply the effect line of your powers that create explosions twice. Instead, you may combine any two blast shapes that you know.
Fast Reactions

Instead of rolling for Initiative, you always get a 7. You may use your Action Trigger twice per encounter.

- Charge


Move up to your speed to a square adjacent a creature, and make a Melee Basic Attack against it. Each square of movement must bring you closer to the target. You cannot Charge through Difficult Terrain.

- Delayed Fuse


Special: Choose a type of Ammo before you roll this attack.

Effect: Select and mark two squares within 10. You throw mines onto these squares. After the start of your next turn, you may choose to use up one of these marked squares to create a zone including it. This requires no action, happens as an Interrupt, and the zone lasts until the end of your following turn. The effects depend on the Ammo. Decide on the shape and exact position of the zone when you detonate it.

- Grenade


Special: Choose a type of Ammo before you roll this attack.

Effect: Create a zone including your target based on the Ammo you chose. The zone will last until the start of your next turn.

- Kaboom


Ammo. Creatures starting their turn in the zone or entering it take 1 damage.

- Toxic Bomb


Ammo. Creatures starting their turn in the zone or entering it must make a Saving Throw. If they fail, they take Ongoing 2 damage (save ends).

- Assess


Roll a die and ask the GM that many questions from the list below.

About an enemy:

How many hit points does it have? How would you summarize its powers? What are its special traits? Is it carrying anything strange or unique?

About the encounter:

Who is really in charge? What can I use against the enemies? What can they use against me? Are there hidden doors or traps? Are there hidden enemies?

- Precision


Your next Burst attack may target one additional creature adjacent to the zone, if that creature is within range 5.

- Sticky Bomb


Ammo. Increase the damage line of the power that uses this Ammo to 3. Creatures starting their turn in the zone or entering it are Slowed (save ends).

- Rally


No action. You may only use this on your turn, but you may use at any point in your turn, even while Incapacitated, Dominated, or under any other Status. Spend an Action Point. Regain 4 Hit Points and regain the use of one Encounter Power from your Class (not a Role Action) you have expended.

- Consistent Attack


Trigger: You miss an enemy with an attack.

Spend an Action Point. Apply 2 damage and the attack’s Effect to another enemy in range.


Frank “Boom” Socks has always been a natural and inquisitive tinker since his earliest days, always eager to disassemble and (sometimes) reassemble whatever neato piece of equipment he could get his hands on. However, it wasn’t until age ten, when his father got a job supervising the construction of a new colony, that Frank found his life’s calling.

A childish fascination with demolitions and high-explosive landscaping lead to a lifelong obsession with explosives in all varieties. By the age of twelve, Frank was knee-deep in every piece of literature on the subject he could get his hands on and, through mostly-supervised hobbying and apprenticeship under his father, experimenting and practicing his now-favorite craft.

It didn’t take long after coming of age for Frank to land a job in demolitions under the same flagship his father worked for. Here he would hone and practice his profession for a number of years. However, the red tape and, eventually, the tedium began to wear him down. Seeking more freedom and less bureaucracy, Frank quit his job and joined RTS Wagon Train in their early days as a weapons specialist and general maintenance man.

Though not much accustomed to mechs specifically, they were still somewhat within his studies. This, together with his natural aptitude, allowed him to adapt his expertise smoothly. With his father’s (grudging) blessing, Frank exhumed an old construction mech literally from the company’s junk pile and brought it with him for experimentation. He’s since managed to customize The Vulcan to the point where nobody else even wants to get near the thing, so he readily volunteers to pilot it into battle. What better way to test his munitions, after all?

He considers this to be the perfect job.

Frank Boomsocks

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